Friday, 13 May 2016

How to Create Own Bootscreen/Shutdown Animation

One thing i like about the android OS is that you can customize pretty much everything, you can do even the impossible with your android device. You know those manufacturer logos and sometimes cartoons that move about for some few seconds before your device finally loads each time you turn on your device, well you can customize it and make your own.

Here is a tutorial on how to change the bootsreen/shutdown animation for your android device.

Things Youll' Need
A video editor (Windows Movie Maker)

A Video converter which supports Video to JPEG/PNG (Total Video Converter)

A photo converter which supports batch converting(PhotoScape)

A file compression software (Winrar)

Any video (You can download Video loops of your choice)

Forex For Beginners

Step 1, creating Your Own Bootscreen/Shutdown Animation
Edit your video (add text, effect etc..) and convert it to JPEG or PNG images (PNG is recommended).

My micromax 57 {Ninja A3 }takes around 10 secs to boot. So 300 Images are enough (if you have extra, den delete it. Max 400)

Step 2, creating Your Own Bootscreen/Shutdown Animation
If you have converted the video directly to PNG, then change the resolution of pics to 320x480 using photoscape.  If JPEG, then convert the JPEG pics to PNG and change its resolution to 320x480.

Open photoscape> Select Batch Editor> Locate the folder containing converted pics and add them> Crop the pics to 320x480 resolution> rename it to follow a series. for eg. Image001, Image002, Image003, Image004

Step 3, creating Your Own Bootscreen/Shutdown Animation
Place all the converted pics in a folder. Rename the folder in which you have all the converted pics from step 2 to "part0" without quotes.

Step 4, creating Your Own Bootscreen/Shutdown Animation
Open notepad and add these lines:
320 480 29
p 1 0 part0
and save it as "desc.txt".

Step 5, creating Your Own Bootscreen/Shutdown Animation
Select both files (part0 folder and desc.txt) and right click>add to archive (Archive should be in zip format).
Name it as :
Archive format: Zip
Compression method: Store

Step 6,creating Your Own Bootscreen/Shutdown Animation

Put the file in system/media/ . Do change the permission to 644.


On cmd, type these codes (open cmd in .android folder and make sure you have your file in dis .android folder)
adb devices
(when it shows your device)
adb root
adb remount rw
adb push system/media/
adb shell chmod 644 system/media/
adb reboot

Thats all you need to do
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