Friday, 18 November 2016

Make Money With icharity Club Today,Read More

Hello guy , we all must make money wether devil likes it or not , i bring you good news from a new system in town , it is not MMM , its icharity. And i have teasted it and i can testify of it , its 100% legit .


Icharity is like an helping hands organization, you donate and receive donation too , 100% sweet , platform that deals with member to member donation. 


You will have to register under somebody who's alredy in the system , the person will be known as your up-line.

To start with, You will donate 20$ (6000 Naira) to your Up-line i.e the person that introduced you to the platform.After you donated about $20(6000 Naira), you will upload your teller and await confirmation from whom you donated to so you could be confirmed to grade 1

Then in an interval of 1 week – 1 month, you will get donation from five (5) persons in the same platform that is 20$(6000 naira) times 5 person =(30,000 Naira) in your pocket .And you don't have to refer any more person or else you are helping those that registered under you.
To move to grade 2 , you'll have to pay your up-line 40$(12,000 Naira). Then you will also receive 12,000 naira donation from your down-line 12,000 Naira times 25 person , you will have 300,000 Naira in your pocket isn't that amazing?.


This is how your earnings will look like
Grade1: No: of Donnees 5 Your Donation N6,000 Received Donation N30,000
Grade2: No: of Donees 25 Your Donation N12,000 Received Donation N300,000
Grade 3 No: of Donnees 125 Your Donation N24,000 Recieved Donation N3,000,000 

 Grade 4: No: of Donnees 625 Your Donation N36,000 Recieved Donation N22,500,000 

 Grade 5: No: of Donnees 3125 Your Donation N60,000 Recieved Donation N187,500,000 

 Grade 6: No: of Donnees 15625 Your Donation N90,000 Recieved Donation N1,406,250,00

 Grade 7: No: of Donnees 78125 Your Donation N120,000 Recieved Donation N9,375,000,000

 Grade 8: No: of Donnees 390625 Your Donation N240,000 Recieved Donation N93,750,000,000

 Grade 9: No: of Donnees 1953125 Your Donation N351,000 Recieved Donation N685,546,875,000 

 Grade 10: No: of Donnees 9765625 Your Donation N510,000 Recieved Donation N4,892,578,125,000 

 Just by donating and receiving donations...nothing else but just 100% member to member donation platform, payable directly into your account.

If you are interested or you want more in light about the platform , comment below on contact us via whatsapp or calls +2348153922683
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