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How To Factory Reset PlayStation 4

There are times when you might need to begin afresh with your PlayStation 4. Maybe you need to upgrade to the PS4 Pro, or there is a mistake you are attempting to settle. Or, on the other hand possibly you are experiencing difficulty testing the most recent PlayStation software update. In any of these cases, you should know how to appropriately play out a legitimate PlayStation 4 factory reset.

Factory  reset wipes the console's hard drive and can remove its system software. Think of it if all else fails, for when a software glitch totally freezes the console, or when you have to ensure that it contains completely none of your information. There are two approaches to perform a PlayStation 4 factory reset. You can either go through the PS 4 dashboard, or you can go through Safe Mode, which you ought to consider if the console is having boot-up issues. Before you do any of these, nonetheless, ensure you go back up your data, either to an external hard drive or to the cloud.


1.First of all sign into your Settings menu, and deactivate your PlayStation account. To start with, deactivate the machine as your primary PlayStation 4 by going to PlayStation Network/Account Management. Locate the Activate as your primary PS4 'option', then select Deactivate.

2.Sign back in with your user account, which is not  the same as your PS4 account. then go to Settings > Initialization, and locate the Initialize PS4 option. The first option will clear your saved settings data and return your PS4 to the factory state however won't wipe the hard drive. The second alternative will clear your hard drive of information, including downloaded games and whatever else you may have added to the support. Select this option, labelled Full, and permit the console to do its work. Toward the end, it will be  as it was the point at which you initially got it from the store.


If there is any chance that you have issues with the system software or other errors that keep you from getting to the settings menu, you can still go through Safe Mode. This is what to do:

1.Turn off your  PS4 totally. Ensure it is not in Rest Mode, but rather totally off. At that point hold down the power button until the point when you hear two beeps. You will recognize Safe Mode by the dark background.

2.Pick the reset choice you require. Here you can choose either Restore Default Settings or Initialize PS4 to wipe the hard drive and restore to factory settings while keeping the system update. You additionally get the choice to Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software), which obliges you to reinstall the PS4's working system update.

3.If you are having system issues, basically select Initialize PS4. This will wipe the hard drive and restore the console to factory settings, however it will leave the system update in place. You can pick amongst Quick and Full initialization.
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