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How To Start Up A Blogger Blog Without Having A Computer

Some people might have placed it in their heart that they can't start a Blog with owning a Computer/PC, well for your information , i started blogging without owning a personal computer , i was doing it all from my smartphone eventually before i bought my PC , even up till now sometimes i still blog from my smartphone ,because its a bit easier to me ,i can just be in my bed rolling from left to right , or in the toilet "hahaha , yes you heard me right " the thing about blogging ,when you're comfortable and relaxed you start getting more thing to write.

So for you that has the mind for blogging but withdraw because of the absent of a Computer , cry no more , "clean your eyes and smile " for you can start a successful blog from your phone , even most top bloggers do blog from their smartphone , because not all the time they has to take their PC all around.

"How To Make Money Blogging Withing Relying On Google Adsense"
Below are what you need to kick start that your dream Blog!!

1. Bloggeroid 

This is an Third-party blogger application however it's available on Playstore. It gives you a chance to put pictures in any piece of your post effectively not at all like the official blogger application that places the picture at the base of the post. You can likewise change your posts with html labels and shortcodes too.

2. Quoda 

In case you're searching for an application to overhaul your blog,Quoda is the absolute best code proofreader. You can scan for a specific line of code and adjust the same number of things as you need effortlessly. I've utilized it a few times in designing my blog.But you must be quite good with HTML/XML to utilize it.

3. SwiftKey Keyboard 

SwiftKey is one of the best keyboard on Google Play. It predicts the following content you'll compose legitimately and it'll prove to be useful when you're composing blog posts. The fun part of it is that it'll require you less time to type with SwiftKey keyboard than other different ones. So If you require quick posting. Utilize SwiftKey.

4 . Puffin Browser

Puffin is one of the speediest and easy to understand browser on Google Play. One thing I adore about the browser is its speed. It's optimal for blogging as it gives you a chance to see both the desktop rendition of your website and the mobile form. This will prove to be useful when you're outlining your blog.

5. Your Email Client. (Gmail, AOL) 

A Blogger dependably needs to answer messages and that is the place your Email comes in. You can undoubtedly answer messages from your cell phone without touching a PC. AOL mail adds a touch of polished skill to your messages. It obliges you to make a different email address.

6. Pixabay 

Pixabay is the center point of free pictures that are free from copyright. You can most load pictures for your blog entry from the application and post it how you need as they are absolutely allowed to use on any blog or vlog

7. Social Media  Apps 

All your social media applications is very nessacary as a blogger , staying updated to your audience is very needful as a blogger.

8. Picture Resizer 

Now and then you may get a picture and it's size is just about 3MB and it'll not be perfect to post any picture with such size. In spite of the fact that much of the time, Gzip pressure diminishes the picture estimate, you can even now lessen it to how you need. It'll additionally enable you to decrease the measure of your blog logo and set the measurements.

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