Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Complete List Of All 9Mobile Data Plans And Price

Its super fast how Nigeria got to get along with the new change of name of 9mobile, i'm really impressed , even with all crisis the telecom network  still maintained their fast browsing network speed which is awesome for Downloading huge file , tho the price of the data isn't that friendly , its still on a okay scale .

So below are the latest list of 9mobile data plan and its pricing , also with a quick activation code .

Complete List Of 9Mobile Data Plans And Price

Daily Plans

50Naira For 10MB by dialing *229*3*8# and lasts for 1day

100Naira For 40MB by dialing *229*3*1# and last for 1day

Weekly Plans

200Naira For 150MB by dialing *229*2*10# and last for 7days

Monthly Plan

500Naira For 500MB by dialing *229*2*12# and last for 30days

1,000Naira For 1GB by dialing *229*2*7# and last for 30days

2,000Naira For 2.5GB by dialing *229*2*8# and last for 30days

2,500Naira For 3.5GB by dialing *229*2*26# and last for 30days

3,000Naira For 4GB by dialing *229*2*35# and last for 30days

4,000Naira For 5.5GB by dialing *229*2*36# and last for 30days

8,000Naira For 11.5GB by dialing *229*2*5# and last for 30days

Huge Plans

10,000Naira For 15GB by dialing *229*4*1# and last for 30days

18,000Naira For 27.5GB by dialing *229*4*3# and last for 30days

27,000Naira For 30GB by dialing *229*5*1# and last for 90days

55,000Naira For 60GB by dialing *229*5*2# and last for 120days

84,992Naira For 100GB by dialing *229*4*5# and last for 30days

110,000Naira For 120GB by dialing *229*5*3# and last for 365days

9Mobile Night Plans And Weekend Plans

500Naira For 1GB  valid for Friday 11:59pm - Sunday 11:59pm  can be activated by dialling *5995*2#.

200Naira For 1GB . It valid from 12AM in the night till 5AM which is 1day. You can activate it by dialling *229*3*11#

1,000Naira For 2GB valid from (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of the weekend. It can be activated by dialling *229*3*12#

2,000Naira For 5GB valid from (7PM - 7AM) and the whole of weekend because is a Weekend and evening plan. To activate, dial *229*3*13# and you will also receive 100MB WhatsApp data (24/7). Lasts for 30days.

Check your balance with *228#

Stop Autorenewal by dialing  *229*0#
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  1. still same with the last etisalat nfin differs.. the network self can swap money without user intervention

  2. lol. the name changed, maybe as time goes by the price would be reduced

    1. I won't talk sha, buh I pity them when I log on there Facebook page.. People want kill them with insult lol..

  3. the network as no benefit to their customers. their plan isnt good enough but nice one sha,

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