Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Effect Of Using Smartphone In The Dark

Like the popular saying that says " things that are sweet , kills more " , so it is with using of smartphone , for me I love using my smartphone at night 'most times in the dark' , not until i saw the effects of using mobile phone in the dark and I was like God help me .

Using of phone's in the dark is something that if not all of us has done then it will be 90% , its actually sweet laying on your bed and using your smartphone in the dark.. But the effects are heart crushing 'Lol that's no the effect , not " heart crushing" '

Below are some effect of using your smartphone in the dark.

1. It  cause temporary blindness , yes' using phone in the dark can harm your vision.  Lots of people have been candidates to this . A 40years old lady was said you loss her vision 30minutes every morning she wakes and doctors reports on her was linked to using her phone always in the dark .

2. Using smartphone in the dark can cause eye cancer , lots of publication has been going around about the need to stop using smartphone in the dark as the ray from a phone in the dark is very harmful .

3.  Using smartphone in the dark affects the brain , from stressing the eyes which in turns stress the brain.

In conclusion
Using of smartphones  in the dark is very harmful. So to avoid this harm, if you are used to using your smartphone at night which is bad ( addictive). Try making your room bright by putting on the light to reduce the direct rays from the smartphone from going in your eyes.

Please help share this so it could go around and save one . thank you
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  1. I've been wondering of such answers buh today I thank God I've gotten it.. well play sir this article motivate me

  2. Does it mean we should stop using our phone in the dark? I don't thing I can do without that.


    1. I will then advice you to get this app called twilight , would help you a little ,

      thanks for your comment

  3. Does it mean we should stop using our phone in the dark? I don't thing I can do without that.


  4. Have heard of this before but i dont believe not until i saw it here again.
    but to me i always due the brightness of my phone at night, does it help

  5. what of if theres no light and i want to chat. how will i go through that


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