Saturday, 8 July 2017

How My Sim Card Got Fried By A Modem I Bought ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

I know you came here just to laugh at me , or maybe mock me "yeah i know fully well "  go ahead issoright do it ,

I totally deserved it , after you read the whole story you might even throw stone at me .......... lol.

Anyways ,I'm not in anyway a fan of Modems, like if modems were made because of me 'Mr Nuel' then it's like they don't want to sell market (move their Business) , but it happened they made a sale on my head , but  my my blood at last didn't even  rhythm with their product .haha

So usually i'm bent on using my Router for connectivity to my computer , at time i do use my smartphone's hotpot for connectivity , and it was all going well till a time i traveled and forgot to carry my router along with me . But still i really wasn't bothered because i had my phone with me which i could use to supply network for my PC. .

But on getting to my destination , i noticed that electricity was a major issue their , like they brought light once a day and after that , generator was the next option for them . But you know the economy na , it's not healthy , so buying of fuel is a common sense thing ,"lols" . You just have to minimize usage to save the fuel.
So the Generator was only put on so that you can fully charge your gadget and that's it . You then know the way to use you gadgets till they restore power
or the Generator was put on again. "ah"  so i was like how will i cope with this situation na ? i can't just waste all my phone's battery hosting Hotpot kwa , so i taught of get getting a Modem for the short time i'll be staying .

So I strolled down the street to get a modem , after walking a few distance i saw this beautiful tech store , i was like  ah "Thank you Jesus , thank you Holy ghost" i quickly dashed into the store like my father owns it , i demanded for a modem they brought it out and started sweet talking me , So what should i do? i brought out the money out of my 30billion in my wallet and paid "lol" .

I got back to the place i was staying , brought out my sim , inserted it into the Modem , oya i plugged it into my PC and it prompted me to do some installations , after some seconds i was done , connected and i was browsing "oya ni flexing on point " . Just about  20mins to using it ,my hand mistakenly toughed the Modem , and ouchhhhhhhhh "i'm i boiling water?"it was very hot . I quickly removed it from my PC , I taught of going back to the store but i was too lazy and it was already getting late , i said to my self "Let me just use it for the night if it continues , i will just return it by morning", with that conclusion in mind, i allowed it cool , and i reinserted it , i was doing a routine of (inserting , removing , cooling ,reinserting ) till about 12:37A.M when i persevered a smell like i was toasting wires , i quickly removed the modem out and pulled out the Sim card , it was hot as hell , i tried to get it cooled , after cooling i tried placing it on my Phone but the worst happened , my phone was no longer recognizing my Sim card , i was like

I quickly package the Modem , and the first thing in the morning , i was already at the shop for a refund , they wanted to defend their product but i was like "Oga i be warri Boy , just do the right thing" or you will see

he later refunded my money and i flied off the shop without turning back.Below is a review of my roated sim card.

Have you ever experienced anything like this before ? , dropped you comment bellow!! let talk

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  1. Replies
    1. Lol nelly , it's a true life story and I have to share if with you guys

  2. Lol. Mr Emmanuel, I See The New Developments @ Meme

    So You Mean, You Carried Your Warri Doings Follow You Travel Bha? #wehdone Sir

    I Fear Unah. Warri Boys Who Don't Steal, But Anywhere They Enter, Things Dey Miss. Heheh

    Nice Of You Sharing Your Story, Am Glad I Could Relate.

    So, Was It The Moderm That Malfunctioned And Made Your Poor Sim Card Suffer?

    Before I Forget... How Far The Subscription On That Sim, Is It Now Gone Too Soon?

    1. Hey Samuel, missed you around sir . hope you're good?

      As for my sim card , my subscription in it went along all thanks to the modem . Lol

  3. lol, CNT stop laughing. den no no say tribber mark no dey ur face, as far you done collect ur money back, u fit use am get another sim with then sub on it....


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