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Top VPNs in Denmark for your Android Device

Talking of Denmark, the Danish government has imposed strict laws against the content on the Internet that is offensive & violent. They even blocked access to Facebook & Google for several hours in 2012. It is a really annoying thing to do. Social sites like Facebook & Twitter have become an active part of our daily lives & blocking the access suddenly can take you to a depressed state. Even most of the torrent sites are inaccessible to the citizens of Denmark. If you are from Denmark & wondering to get a solution to this, you are at the right place.

Follow on to know how:

Reasons to get a VPN

A VPN service sets up a connection between your device & a remote server from where the data seems to get transferred. Various VPN providers have their servers spread across different parts of the world which connect to the user’s device upon subscription.

VPN hides your device real identity which means that it masks you by covering the real IP address with the IP address of the server that you’re connected to. This makes you completely anonymous on the internet allowing the freedom to access anything of your choice, even the websites that were inaccessible earlier. Even the government authorities will not be able to track you.

*We do not promote doing anything that is inhuman.

Disadvantages of a VPN:

Connecting to a VPN network slows down your internet connection a bit which can be troublesome if you’re a fan of streaming videos. However, some VPNs give relatively much higher speed than others. Choosing the right VPN is important or you’ll be stuck with a slower connection for the entire year.

Points to consider while getting a VPN

Connection Speed

While most of the free VPNs available can be useful for rare uses. If you are a frequent internet user or more specifically hardcore video streamer, free VPNs are certainly not for you. Even among the paid ones, you have to be careful while making a selection.


Considering the free VPNs, they don’t usually offer a no-logging policy which means that you’re not completely anonymous & third-party companies can easily track your data.

Server location

Free VPNs offer lesser servers with a random server which is useless at times. On the other hand, Paid VPNs have their servers located all over the world due to which they give a faster & efficient connection

Data encryption

Talking of Free VPNs, they link unsafe protocols which may be traceable & you won’t be private anymore. Paid VPNs, on the other hand, offer safe & secure protocols.

Simultaneous connections

This point is important to look after if you’ve multiple devices or in case you are sharing the VPN connection with someone. Some providers offer less simultaneous connections than the other.

Finally, we come to a conclusion that free VPNs are not that great if you care about your privacy & anonymity or if you’re a heavy internet user.

While there are many VPNs available, some of them do not offer android support. Below are the ones that support Android.

Here are the best VPN services for you.

1.     NordVPN:

NordVPN tops the list giving one of the best services out there. Having their servers across 60+ countries, it provides an efficient connection. The data you transfer is well encrypted. It has a no-logging policy which means they won’t store any data that you transferred over their network.

Making a connection to NordVPN is quite simple & hasslefree & it offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case you might want to try it out.

2.     ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is an extremely reliable VPN service that offers you great features. It has 1000+ servers due to which the connection is quite fast & efficient. It is ideal for streaming high-quality videos.

Being a little more expensive than NordVPN, it offers quite good connection along with a 30-day money back guarantee.

3.     PureVPN:

PureVPN is known for the speed it offers. If you are a streaming fan & have a low budget, simply go for it.

4.     VyprVPN:

Quality speed & Great Data Encryption along with a 3-day trial.

5.     CyberGhost:

Just as the other top VPNs, it is equally good in offering various high-end features. Having numerous servers spread across the world, it offers military-grade encryption so that your data remains completely secure.

Besides good speed & faster connection, it has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Head to the Google Play Store & try out all of them. Pick the one you think is the best.

Enjoy the liberty of browsing anything on the internet, but do not misuse it. 

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